Hamish Seamus Samuel 1995 – 2012

Hamish Seamus Samuel 1995 – 2012

In September 1995, we went to pick Hamish up for the first time. There was the largest most orange moon I’d ever seen, hanging low in the sky… I’ve always thought of it since as Hamish’s moon… We had been told there was an Alsatian pup found in a coal shed. Suzanne really wanted an Alsatian. Anyway, this little runt of a dog runs out, and onto the back of the couch and then proceeds to pee on her. She was not impressed but I couldn’t go and see a dog and then refuse it.. so I begged her to give it one night. We brought him home and he slept in a huge cardboard box filled with blankets at the foot of the bed. Jesse had already claimed the bed and Suzanne was of the opinion that two dogs on the bed was too much and we might not keep him anyway and hey, why not train him to sleep off the bed…

Well, poor Hamish whined and Suzanne ended up sleeping all night across the foot of the bed holding his paw. That was the last time he didn’t sleep wherever he wanted 🙂:-)

Hamish lived a long happy life following me from room to room and from country to country for almost 18 years. He was with me from the time I was 28 through my 30s and halfway through my 40s. He was my constant companion and comrade and his true love was Jesse. He was a playful eejit with Jesse and they still rollicked like pups together at the ripe old age of 16. Jesse was the Queen of the house and poor Hamish was never allowed to be King, he was named the Royal Consort. 
He kept going after Jesse died in Oct 2010 but he couldn’t bring himself to rollick as much with Clio as he had with his queen. He was content to keep an eye on us and constantly patrol the house (I never thought I’d miss the incessant sound of dog nails on laminate floors) and the grounds (even in the pouring rain). He enjoyed his morning run and bark at Zeus next door even at 17.5 years (like 180 or something in human years). 
He stoically put up with being taken to Dublin 5 times over 2 months for injections to try and treat the oral melanoma that came out of nowhere and in the end beat even his enduring body. He then accompanied Clio and me when she went through 5 surgeries in a month in Dublin. He sat quietly through most things including when I forgot to put on the handbrake in the camper when I stopped at a service station for fuel and it rolled forward while I tried desperately to unlock the door. Hamish was still sitting on the bed facing the back, probably wondering why I was suddenly driving so slowly.
Hamish is one of the reasons I believe dogs are precious gifts to us. His physical presence at my side for 17 years and 2 months has been a gift of pure love and loyalty. When weakness in his legs made him unable to patrol as he had been doing until two days ago, I had to make the decision yesterday and the vet and nurse kindly came to the house last night to help him pass. For the first time, he showed yesterday that he was ready to go. And, as usual, he shared this with a calm and happy strength.
Hamish passed in my arms at 10.15pm last night at the time of the Samhain solar eclipse and the new moon. I don’t really know much about eclipses and dark moons but I believe Hamish’s moon was winking at us.

Galway Launch of Heart Stopper

May Over The Edge Writers’ Gathering

at The Kitchen @ The Museum
(text by Kevin Higgins, Over the Edge)
The May Over The Edge Writers’ Gathering presents readings by John Corless, Elaine Cosgrove, Mick Donnellan & visiting Australian poet Ross Donlon. The evening will also see the launch of novels by two unique Galway-based writers Rejini Samuel & Yvonne McEvaddy. The event will take place at The Kitchen @ The Museum, Spanish Arch, Galway on Wednesday, May 9th, 8pm. All are welcome. There is no cover charge. 

Yvonne McEvaddy has been dabbling in the written word since early childhood, having decided at the age of 5, when she read her first Enid Blyton book, that she wanted to be a writer. Her summer holidays were often spent writing adventures in the remaining pages of her school copybooks. When not writing she was daydreaming about her books being available in her local bookstore. Her novel, Passion Killer, is just published. 

Ross Donlon has featured at poetry festivals in Australia and England. He has won spoken words events as well as international poetry competitions including the Wenlock Festival Poetry Prize (U.K.) judged by Carol Ann Duffy (2010), the MPU International Poetry Competition (2011) and was shortlisted for this year’s Bridport Prize (U.K.) from 8, 200 entries. His latest book, The Blue Dressing Gown and other poems, is published by Profile Poetry.

Elaine Cosgrove is 26, comes from Sligo and lives in Galway City. Her writing has been published online at wordlegs, minus 9 squared and UpStart. She was short listed for both the Over the Edge ‘New Writer of the Year Competition’ and the Fish Publishing ‘One Page Story Prize’ in 2010. Most recently, two of her poems were included in the wordlegs ’30 Under 30′ ebook anthology of thirty younger Irish writers. Elaine was long listed in the poetry category of the Doire Press ‘1st Annual Chapbook Competition’. She has recently being accepted onto the MPhil in Creative Writing at Trinity College Dublin.

John Corless lives near Claremorris, in County Mayo, and is a vastly experienced creative writing tutor. Many satisfied students have taken John’s creative writing courses at GMIT Castlebar, over the past number of years. John’s debut poetry collection, Are you ready?, was published by Salmon Poetry in 2009 and has been a poetry bestseller. He is the judge for this year’s Over The Edge New Writer of The Year competition.

Mick Donnellan is originally from Ballinrobe. He had an immensely successful year in the theatre in 2011. His most popular plays to date – Sunday Morning Coming Down, Shortcut to Halleljuah and Gun Metal Grey – have sold out across the country, inspiring excellent reviews and standing ovations from sell-out crowds. Mick Donnellan’s artistic metirs are now also being recognised in the fiction world. His debut crime novel, El Niño, has just been published. 

Rejini Samuel was short-listed for the 2011 Over the Edge ‘New Writer of the Year Competition’ and she was the only entrant to have both her fiction and her poetry long-listed for the Doire Press ‘1st Annual International Fiction and Poetry Chapbook Competition’ in January 2012. Under her pen name R J Samuel, she has just published her first novel Heart Stopper. 

There is no entrance fee. The Kitchen @ The Museum has a wine licence.
For further information contact 087-6431748.

Over The Edge acknowledges the ongoing generous financial support of the Arts Council and Galway City Council.http://www.overtheedgeliteraryevents.blogspot.com/